Class Descriptions


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga consists of a series of stretching, toning and strengthening postures (asana), deep relaxation and a set of breathing practices (pranayama) that will leave you feeling tranquil and refreshed. This class also involves chant, sound, mantra and meditation as healing practices. If you are new to Yoga, please contact Catherine at or (603) 529-0830.

Nada Yoga

The aim of Nada Yoga, or the Yoga of Sound, is to harmonize breath, body and mind through sound vibration.  In these particular classes, we begin with movement and sound and gradually move toward stillness where postures are held for a longer time.  This allows the sound vibrations to penetrate muscles, bones and tissues, thereby deeply restoring body and mind.  While practicing nada yoga, participants will at times use the sound of their own voice (subtle vocalizing) and at other times experience deep listening. In both cases, the focus of the attention is to move from the external to the internal realm, reaching the core of who we are.

"As your practice goes deeper, mine does as well. I am SO GRATEFUL and appreciative for your instruction and guidance." - Grace Dunklee Cohen

Easy Hatha Yoga

Easy Hatha Yoga is a hatha yoga class in which many of the postures are instructed with the use of chairs and props, and the general rhythm is nice and slow. People with health conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma and diabetes will greatly benefit from this safe, gentle and non-competitive program.

"You are a gift to the community and the world of yoga! I am thrilled

to be included in your classes." - Carole Lape

Private Sessions

Private Sessions consist of a series of postures (asanas) breathing and meditation techniques selected according to your specific physical, emotional and spiritual condition.  This private time will give you the opportunity to enhance your personal practice and improve your life through deep attention to your individual needs. 

Fee: $75 / hour plus travel if over 10 miles.  Please call Catherine for more information.

Small Group Sessions

Small Group Sessions are for those who appreciate individualized attention, guidance, hands-on assistance and at the same time wish to benefit from the support of the group.

Fee: Depends on group size, plus travel if over 10 miles.  Please call Catherine for more information.

Catherine's Bio


Catherine Martin, E-RYT 500, has been teaching Yoga asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation and Yoga Philosophy at several locations in Southern New Hampshire since 2001.  She is certified in the Integral Yoga and the Viniyoga traditions.  She is an avid student of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Upanishads and Vedanta.  She loves to share the teachings of these ancient texts with her students in the context of modern life. 

Catherine holds a BS in Alternative Health Care and has a 25-year career in the field of Dance and Movement, which brought her to perform and teach internationally.  She retired from performing and touring in 2000 to serve her community through Yoga to promote a healthy and harmonious environment.  Her past and present teachers and students remain her greatest inspiration.

Click here to see Catherine's detailed bio.

“I have just loved this session of yoga…I am so sure that my experience of your classes is shared by others: your quiet, warm compassion for me shines through--your gentle reminders to close my eyes and make the experience personal; your uncanny ability to target just the parts of my physical, emotional AND spiritual self  that needs attention each week (how DO you do that?); the variations to try if "this pose is not right for you tonight," all serve as a foundation for me to practice self-awareness and compassion.”  ~ Joni Haley

Catherine may be reached at: or 603-660-9579

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